Benefits Of Running

Running is addictive and once you become a runner, you will always be a runner. That being said, if you are a beginner, you might need a bit of motivation.

A woman running near a trail.

In an effort to motivate you, here are 7 benefits to running that you may or may not ahve thought about.

  1. Running Can Help You Sleep
    There is solid evidence that running can help you fall asleep at night. Not only will it help you get to sleep, but it even improves the quality of that sleep by letting you fall deeper into REM a lot quicker. If you struggle staying asleep or getting to sleep a run, even an evening run can help.
  2. It Helps You Stay Trim
    Obviously exercise is going to burn calories but the weight loss benefits carry on well beyond the actual run you take. You might burn 400 calories on a run but your metabolism will be revved up and you will to continue to burn more calories through the course of the day. So while your workout might have burned 400 calories, the total burn might be 600 calories.
  3. A Run Keeps You Healthy
    There is no doubt that exercise boosts your immunity system and few provide as good of a workout as running.
  4. A Jog Keeps Your Brain Strong Too
    A good jog or a run gets blood pumping through your body. This includes that brain of yours. The extra blood flow plus the self reflection that you get on a run will help keep you thinking well throughout your years.
  5. It Keeps You Happy
    Exercise, especially intense exercise like running will release endorphins. The runners high is a real thing and it can keep your mood elevated and fight depression.
  6. Maintains Proper Blood Pressure
    Exercise keeps your heat strong and your veins healthy. Running being an awesome source of exercise will give you this benefit.
  7. Prevent Diabetes
    Diabetes is a growing problem in this country due to our lack of activity and poor diet. Running provides tha activity and helps control your blood sugar levels.

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